The Skinny Cookie is the same weight and size of our original,
so you won’t miss a bite of flavor. A unique recipe, featuring a
new-to-market shortening makes it possible. Plus, the new
shape makes skinny dipping in milk easy. For all you watching
your waistlines, see what the two smilers are made of below.

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Ingredients: Bleached wheat flour, sugar, Olestra, soybean oil, fully hydrogenated cottonseed oil, alpha-tocopheryl acetate (vit E*, vit A*, vit K*, vit D*, * Dietarily insignificant), whole eggs, macaroon paste (apricot kernels, almonds, potassium sorbate), water, imitation vanilla (propylene glycol, artificial flavor, sodium bisulfite), baking powder, salt, cultured dairy flavor (partially hydrogenated soybean oil, butter oil, xanthan gum, citric acid sodium benzoate), milk, di alpha tocopherol, annatto, tumeric extract, baking soda. Icing: Sugar syrups, corn syrups, partially hydrogenated soybean and cottonseed oils, sugar, corn syrup solids, mono and diglycerides, polysorbate 60, lecithinand TBHQ, water, pure vanilla. May contain Red # 3 & 40, Blue # 1 & 2 or Yellow # 5 & 6.

Manufactured in a facility that produces food products containing nuts.

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